Named by the Washington Post as one of the best crime novels of the year.

Once part of the holy triumvirate ruling the South Boston Irish Mob, Kyle Nevin is set up with the Feds by head mobster Red Mahoney, who leads him to a court case and a stretch in the slammer. Now out of prison, Kyle wants revenge on his old boss and mentor and, just as importantly, to reclaim his former glory.

A kidnapping gone wrong leads, bizarrely, to a major book deal and a newfound celebrity status for Kyle. However, it also brings about bigger problems for both himself and anyone unlucky enough to cross his path.

With this dark riff and contemporary theme, Zeltserman shows why he is the heir of Jim Thompson and James M. Cain.

Reviews for Pariah

“I didn’t think a suspense story could get any more dark and twisted than Zeltserman’s pulp masterpiece…Small Crimes…Now comes Pariah, a doozy of a doom-laden crime story that not only makes merry with the justice system, but also satirizes those bottom feeders in the publishing industry who would sign Osama bin Laden to a six-figure contract for his memoirs, if only they could figure out which cave to send their lawyers into. If there’s any other young writer out there who does crime noir better than Zeltserman, I don’t even want to know. As it is, I can barely handle reading him without altogether losing whatever faith I’ve got left in humanity.”

Maureen Corrigan, Washington Post Best Books of 2009

“Darkly enjoyable… clear, crisp prose; his fearless portrait of amorality; and his smart plotting… what a fine addition to the local literary scene he’s become.”

Ed Siegel, Boston Globe

“Pariah is a terrific blast”

Metro (UK)

“With this book Zeltserman entrenches his position as the ranking neo-noirist, putting a contemporary spin on a tradition that goes way back to Thompson and James M. Cain. If you like your fiction dark, lean and uncompromising, Pariah has to be at the top of your list.”

Roger Smith