A startling bank robbery gone bad — in development to be a major motion picture.

A classic heist thriller pitched somewhere between Ocean’s Eleven and Dog Day Afternoon, it’s the story of a group of software engineers who lose their jobs due to an industry push to outsourcing. Desperate, and seeing their middle-class lives crumbling apart, they come up with a brilliant plan to use their computing skills to rob a bank. But not even a systems analyst can foresee every eventuality, so the group falls afoul of the Russian Mafia . . .

A film based on Outsourced is being produced by the team behind the hugely successful Resident Evil films.

Reviews for Outsourced

“a dark gem of a story…a macabre delight to read”


“A small gem of crime fiction”


“A dark, lightening-paced read”

Financial Times

“Back in the “real” world, Dave Zeltserman’s Outsourced is a dryly witty take on the heist caper genre with a gaggle of reluctantly redundant software engineers planning the perfect bank robbery. He brings together crazed hitmen, Russian mafiosi, Iraqi antiques smugglers and domestic angst in a fast-paced action romp that has the inestimable advantage (or not) that its characters are actually human.”

Peter Millar, London Times