Fast Lane

A hardboiled PI novel that will leave you dizzy!

Before there was Dave Zeltserman’s acclaimed ‘man out of prison’ crime trilogy (Small Crimes, Pariah, Killer) there was his first novel, Fast Lane. Published in 2004 by the legendary small independent publisher, Point Blank Press, this seemingly hardboiled PI novel quickly developed a cult following among crime fans. Now Fast Lane is back with a vengeance.

When a young woman approaches Denver private eye Johnny Lane to find her birth parents, he’s willing to take the case for almost nothing. Almost. It would be a breath of fresh fresh air compared to all the lowlife cases he is now stuck with . . . and there is something about the woman. The last thing Johnny expects is the path this case leads him down. As the chasm between words and reality grows wider, past and present deeds start unraveling with deadly force.

Reviews for Fast Lane

“For those of us who believed Jim Thompson would never be equaled, great tidings, he’s back in the form of Dave Zeltserman. Hilarious in the darkest fashion, violent, bitter, psychotic and unputdownable… FAST LANE left me bruised, battered and exhilarated … Tough, violent amoral with that compelling first narrative that has you rooting for a lunatic and crazy he is, in the most entertaining debut since, well, Jim Thompson.”

Ken Bruen

“Johnny Lane—the protagonist from hell–to know him is not to love him. He’s that rare blend of greed, gluttony, lust, anger, and psychopathic rationalization that in real life would make you want to shoot first and never bother to ask questions. With tremendous skill, Zeltserman lures you to a wild ride on the shoulders of a grizzly. You can’t let go.”

Vicki Hendricks

“FAST LANE has everything I relish in a noir novel–an ingenious, twisting plot, characters I took to heart though I wouldn’t want to take some of them home, and a pace that kept me riveted to a book I couldn’t tear away from in one long, deep-into-the night reading. Dave Zeltserman, you’re a treasure!”

Seymour Shubin

“What begins as rather standard and Chandleresque masks a tale that spirals downward into a pit of noir, lies, betrayal, murder… and worse! Private eye Johnny Lane helps a woman find her birth parents but things soon get out of hand. A likeable PI with a hidden Jim Thompson darkside that gets out of control and seems to know no depths. It’s there!”

Gary Lovisi