The Boy Who Killed Demons

From the ALA Best Horror Award nominee, the terrifying novel about the demons next door…and down the street…and in the classroom.

“My name’s Henry Dudlow. I’m fifteen and a half. And I’m cursed. Or damned. Take your pick. The reason? I see demons.”

In dreary Newton, MA, nothing ever happens?at least not until Hendry Dudlow turns thirteen and notices that his neighbor has become decidedly . . . different. While everyone else seems to think Mr. Hanley is just another balding man with a beer belly, Henry can see what the real Mr. Hanley is: a gruesome, bilious, rage-filled demon. Suddenly Henry begins to see demons lurking everywhere, and his quiet life in Newton is transformed. Instead of seeing his friends or the lovely Sally Freeman, Henry must translate an ancient text and hunt down the demonic killers of a gaggle of innocent children. In the meantime, his grades are getting worse, his parents are catching on to his lies, and there’s no one he can tell about the horrors going on around him. A terrifying thriller with flashes of humor and great verve.

Reviews for The Boy Who Killed Demons

“The sympathy that Zeltserman invokes on behalf of Henry is heartbreaking, and readers will fully believe in both the madness and the greatness of his tragic young hero.”

Publishers Weekly *Starred review*

‘Like Stephen King, Dave Zeltserman makes the incredible come alive.”

“Zeltserman has long doubled as a mystery and horror writer, and he’s equally riveting at both.”


“A fun and clever read, great for fans of dark humor.”

Rue Morgue Magazine