21 Tales

21 hardboiled and noir stories from Dave Zeltserman.

Stories of desperation, treachery, deceit and betrayal, populated by con men, mobsters, psychopaths, dangerous women and life’s losers. Each of these stories with surprise endings and enough twists to leave you dizzy.

Brutal life lessons learned over a game of nine-ball… a war veteran who’s been played as a sucker one too many times by his older brother… a salesman who stumbles upon the girl of his dreams only to learn that his dreams have all been nightmares… a con man who gets more than he bargains for when he convinces a wealthy woman to marry him.

Reviews for 21 Tales

“Inventively depraved”

New York Magazine

“Dave Zeltserman is one of the crime genre’s most accomplished, radical, and innovative talents. His command of style and personal dark vision of the world are framed in the short form to reach out and shake the reader by the throat. I only wish that 21 Tales had been 51 Tales or 101 Tales. We need more of his edgy stories to rattle the field.”

Tom Piccirilli

“Dave Zeltserman’s 21 Stories has enough twists and turns and plot reversals to give O’Henry whiplash. Readers should expect the unexpected. Zeltserman delivers some dark and disturbing fun in these stories.”

Lynn Kostoff

“I’ve become a big fan of Dave Zeltserman for one simple reason: The man can write. 21 Tales a collection of his short stories, surely will satisfy the most die-hard fan, while also giving bite-size tastes to the unconverted. It’s broken down into five sections that range from the semi-autobiographical to the brutal, but are dark tales of noir.”

Bruce Grossman, Bookgasm