eqm_sept-oct2016webMy latest Archie story closes out the historic 75th anniversary issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine–and I’m in some damn good company, as you can see by looking at the list of contributing writers. My own personal favorites from this issue are Stanley Ellin’s classic mystery story The Specialty of the House (which will be familiar to Alfred Hitchcock Presents fans), Jon Breen’s A Week Without War, the noirish The Long Wake by David Dean, and Tim L. Williams’ All That Dark Water Moving.

You might be wondering why I call this an Archie story instead of a Julius Katz story. That’s because Julius is only a minor player in it. As the story suggests, Archie has been loaned out, and if you’ve read Julius Katz and the Case of the Exploding Wine, you’ll have a good idea whom Archie was loaned out to. And in this story Archie trades in his role as PI assistant to that of an international secret agent!