Julius Katz Case History

The Julius Katz and ArchieShamus and Derringer award-winning story JULIUS KATZ published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine introduced readers to Boston’s most brilliant, eccentric, and possibly laziest detective, as well as his sidekick, Archie, a tiny marvel of computer technology with the heart and soul of a hard-boiled PI. When Julius is hired to investigate a messy family affair, he soon finds himself involved in an even messier murder.

In the EQMM Readers award-winner ARCHIE’S BEEN FRAMED, Archie discovers how dangerous online dating can be when his girlfriend is found dead, and he’s been framed for her murder.

In ONE ANGRY JULIUS AND ELEVEN BEFUDDLED JURORS, an ill-tempered Julius finds himself about to be sequestered on a jury, which would cause him to miss a once-in-a-lifetime dinner. Which no other choice, Julius takes matters into his own hands.

In the EQMM Readers award-winner ARCHIE SOLVES THE CASE, Julius must prove a chef is innocent of the murder of a rival. Does Archie beat Julius to the punch in solving this case?Accused-final

Archie Solves the CaseIn JULIUS KATZ AND A TANGLED WEB, Lily Rosten’s dad is arrested for murder, and Julius must solve one of his toughest locked room mysteries.

An exceptionally annoying man is murdered, leaving Julius as the prime suspect in JULIUS ACCUSED. Not only must Julius clear his name, but he must also figure out a way to arrange  a fee for his troubles.

Not only is Julius’s townhouse blown up in JULIUS KATZ AND THE CASE OF EXPLODING WINE, but Julius finds himself needing to solve two mysteries.

When a wealthy busiJulius and Exploding Winenessman shows up at Julius’s door in JULIUS KATZ AND THE GIFTWRAPPED MURDER, claiming he blacked out the previous night when his business partner was murdered, Julius finds himself involved in one of his trickiest cases.

In JULIUS KATZ AND THE CASE OF A SLICED HAM, Julius must figure out who murdered a famous actor, which means he has the unenviable task of soliciting the truth from a group of professional liars.

Archie takes center stage in the Shamus Award nominated story ARCHIE ON LOAN, which has him trading in his PI assistant role to instead act as an international spy.

In CRAMER IN TROUBLE (a 3rd place 2017 EQMM Readers award-winner), Julius must solve a locked room mystery to save Detective Cramer’s neck!

A philandering literary agent has been murdered and Julius is the only hope his widow has in JULIUS KATZ AND THE TERMINATED AGENT.